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Trumpet Blues Scales

A collection of most used blues scales for trumpet. Read more…

Amazing Grace - FREE

FREE ebook PDF sample to start playing with TEN. Read more…

Exercises on third - FREE

A FREE PDF ebook for everyday practice. Read more…

Scales and arpeggios

The most used scales for B flat treble clef instrument. Read more…

My first trumpet studies

24 original exercises for beginner with audio support. Read more…

As easy as an ABC

At TEN, Trumpet Easy Notes you can find easy to read studies for brass instruments. With trumpet easy notes you can read the correct fingering as you play. Every note report the correspective fingering on it, so you can read the music without have to worry about mistakes. With Trumpet Easy Notes you can play more music, faster and the more you play the more you will be god at!
It can be used to write any kind of music and it covers all the normal music symbols, tempo, accents, etc.

Practice is everything!
With TEN Trumpet Easy Notes you can see the correct fingering right in the note, so you can focus on playing, without have to worry about mistakes. You will play more music faster, mastering your instrument with ease.

Traditional notation
You may feel lost, not knowing how to play a note

TEN patented method
With TEN the fingering is written directly on the note. You can play the melody with ease. TEN headnotes can be used to write any type of music, so let us know if you want to translate your normal music in to TEN.

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