Scales and arpeggios

Scales and arpeggios

21 pages – PDF format – 14,99 €

A collection of most used scales for B flat treble clef instruments.

Inside you can find major scales, minor scales, natural, harmonic, melodic and the relatives arpeggios. Dominant 7th, diminished, whole tone scales and crabwise. All in B flat, for the key of:

C major, A minor, D major, D minor, B flat, C minor, C sharp, E flat, E major, F major, F minor, F sharp, A major, E minor, G major, G minor, A flat, B minor, A flat major,





G sharp minor, A major, A minor, B flat major, B flat minor, B major, C major, C minor, F sharp, F sharp minor, Crabwise scale from C (two octaves), Crabwise scale from G (two octaves)


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